Replica Rolex – the sea dragon watch


Legend Series Ⅲ (Romance Series Ⅲ)

    Motherhood is the greatest thing in the world. Every mother, with her own unselfish love, has created the legend of the world. It contains the legendary series III of the legendary journey of Pola 157 years.replica watches  It is the best gift Mother gave to her mother. For the first time using cube arc corner set

The perfect combination of geometric art and fashion concept, bezel inlaid with natural diamonds, crystal clear, sparkling, rippling surface such as heart waves; Irregular distribution of the circumference and the Roman numeral scale, rolex replica very geometric. Mother’s perseverance and feminine soft fit appropriately

Taken together, like the representative of the great love of Lu Binghua, the perfect expression of praise to his mother!

   Legend Series III “Romantic Love Edition” is a gentle watery mom in particular, romantic style, to the eyes of the most elegant mother. Mother of pearl dial, three-dimensional heart care, gentle and sweet; 6 natural diamond scale, pure and noble, surrounded by waves such as heart

Rippling, a symbol of romantic feminine feelings, ionic rose gold, for the mother to add a lily-like grace.


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