Tasting room design aesthetics wrist Replica Audemars Piguet Millenary Ladies Watch

Replica Audemars Piguet ‘s Millenary wrist watch can say in general and its Royal Oak watch, its unique exterior design, though not in the limelight, but it makes a memorable. Large oval case with eccentric dial, neo-classical exterior combines design aesthetics and technical characteristics, more valuable, so that the wearer can visually watch from the front to enjoy the movement of the operation of beauty.

In this year’s SIHH on, Replica Audemars Piguet launched a series of three new millennium female form , new details, materials and grinding process, chic sophistication. One of a, for the first time will be applied to white opal Millennium series, to be decorated with cream and gold process, with a beautiful Polish gold braided strap, into the retro charm for the ladies’ Fusion technology and design aesthetics.

This section Millennium Series Ladies Watch (Model: 77247OR.ZZ.1272OR.01) in 18K rose gold case , bezel and lugs are set with fine diamonds, with 18K rose Jin Bolan woven strap, strap with different Milan Poland woven strap structure is more complex, Milanese silk to make a single direction winding, Poland strap was wrapped around both orientations alternately.

18K rose gold crown, the top crown set with a sapphire cabochon pink, very beautiful.

Poland woven strap, using the shape of an elongated spring gold thread, woven by a chain structure, and then cutting, welding and assembly by hand. Compared with Milan woven strap, weave strap Poland is much more compact and smooth. With rose gold folding clasp.

Eccentric mother of pearl dial on the right side case, transfer gold Roman numerals and pink gold hands. The left is clearly visible plywood, balance wheel and other parts of the movement, the movement operation panoramic view.

The 5201 Millennium Series is equipped with a manual winding movement by the exclusive Audemars Piguet design, replica watches development and production, and the use of flip mode will normally hidden under the bottom cover of the movement presented on the face of the dial, providing a minimum of 49 hours of power reserve.

Summary: The This watch is worn on the wrist, you can feel the weave by a slender gold bracelet smooth and soft, feel very comfortable. The new Millennium series female table exquisite complex watchmaking technology with superior appearance and high level of manual retouching, is a rare haute couture watch.

Replica Rolex female form of “technical content” is higher than the male form?

Without further ado, straight into the topic. Today we talk about the market, and I would like brothers say a pure “technical problems”, explained a Rolex watch in the “strange” phenomenon. Rolex ladies watch in some of the technology, than the male form also advanced?

Replica Rolex 28 mm ladies log the female form on the Rolex pioneered the use of the latest technology of silicon springs.

Rolex male form and female form, technical configuration is not the same.

Brothers all know, Rolex watches current movement to use as follows:

Rolex male form , currently using 3135 series of movements and new 3235 series of movements (various branches of models, I use represents the 3135/3235).

Rolex small size of the female form (some models), currently using 2236 movement.


Rolex 3135 movement


The new 3235 Rolex movement

2236 Rolex ladies watch movement used.

Rolex used in the male form in all movements 3135/3235 Parachrom gossamer, that is, we usually say “blue niobium” gossamer; Rolex used in small-size female form movement in 2236 is a new Syloxi silicon springs (from 2014 start using). Rolex male form, female form is not the same as gossamer, the female form is a new silicon balance spring.

That year, 2014, when Rolex use the small size of the female form new silicon balance spring, but the male form has been used Rolex logo of niobium blue gossamer, I am very puzzled, Rolex What does this mean? Blue niobium gossamer cattle, why should a silicon balance spring? The results out of silicon springs, why only on the female form? Niobium silicon springs blue gossamer Rolex watch male and female form in the end who is okay? Later in recent years, we gradually see things more, almost can answer these questions.

First, Rolex niobium blue gossamer, really cattle.

Now generally watch springs, are used in Nivarox alloy springs, said in Chinese, it is the Niva Locks alloy. They are used in large market watch this alloy spring. This is actually okay Nivarox alloy springs, anti-magnetic capability can also be resistant to temperature change capacity, the general living environment can deal with. But also just because Nivarox alloy springs have a loophole in this alloy is still a small amount of iron. It is susceptible to magnetic iron die, so too Nivarox alloy spring can not resist a magnetic field. So that’s why, some of the brothers watch, wearing wearing it by magnetic, and the left are not allowed.

Rolex’s iconic blue niobium Parachrom gossamer.

Rolex To solve this problem, in 2000, he developed a Rolex exclusive Parachrom niobium blue gossamer, characterized by anti-magnetic, shock. Blue gossamer Rolex niobium, zirconium alloys with niobium to do (because it is blue, it is commonly known as the gossamer blue niobium). We put it plainly, it is the Rolex niobium blue gossamer, no iron. Because there is no iron, so, gossamer blue niobium are not afraid of the magnetic field. Even if not specifically anti-magnetic needle lightning, Rolex general, anti-magnetic capability is also very strong. Omega 15,000 Gauss using a silicon balance spring, so that the blue niobium gossamer Rolex, Omega and silicon springs, as are magnetically shielded.

Rolex niobium blue gossamer as so cattle, why has a silicon balance spring?

In recent years, because silicon springs have the advantage magnetically shielded, so many tables have changed silicon springs, and even Tissot , Mido are silicon springs up. Rolex niobium blue gossamer performance is very good, the result was a silicon balance spring, the only thing I wonder, players around the world are wondering, ah, is simply “mystery” ah. Until, a player in the Rolex official statement on the new Syloxi silicon balance spring, won critical information, explain the problem Rolex silicon balance spring.

Replica Rolex New Syloxi silicon springs, note that both sides of the spring hole, two holes are used to fix the spring.

Rolex niobium blue gossamer good performance, anti-magnetic, shock, but there is a small problem, it means “curve is not flat, not symmetrical.” Because niobium gossamer like blue, Nivarox hairspring, the hairspring these alloys, the need of a spring is fixed to the end of a “clip” (hairspring stud, it is easy to see from the figure). Therefore, the curves of the balance spring can not be “perfect symmetry, completely flat.” He asymmetry, may affect the accuracy of travel time (say something professional, is to affect isochronous).

Can be easily seen from the comparison, the blue Rolex niobium spring is fixed on one side only, “clip”, while Syloxi silicon hairspring is fixed by holes on both sides, so Syloxi silicon springs fully symmetrical, smooth.

Silicon springs is chemically “integrally molded” made out of, in particular, flat profile, especially symmetrical. Rolex silicon springs on both sides, one side has a symmetrical “holes”, two “holes” are fixed with silicon hairspring, left and right sides are fixed, fixed Rolex movement on the sign of the balance bridge spans, it on the symmetry (blue niobium spring fixed on one side only, not symmetric). This design Syloxi silicon balance spring, Rolex patents, other brands watch silicon springs do not have this technology. Therefore, new Rolex Syloxi silicon springs than the flat spring blue niobium, niobium than the blue symmetrical spring, for ensuring good precision watches down (say something professional, is to reduce the impact of gravity on the balance spring).

Further, brothers look carefully, can be seen, the silicon Rolex Syloxi spring from inside to outside of the curve, thickness, pitch is not the same, these studies are, calculated. Conventional alloy springs, including Rolex own blue gossamer niobium is unattainable.

Rolex silicon springs so powerful, that why only on the female form ah?

This world is not perfect ah, now issue a silicon balance spring is not repair, can not be transferred, a problem can only change. Plainly silicon springs, just like 3D printing, integrally formed, it is finished. Unlike alloy spring, can be adjusted, you can fix.

Currently new Rolex Syloxi silicon springs are mainly used in the 28 mm type female women log table.

Now the reality is that the new Rolex Syloxi silicon niobium tour Sibi Lao Guinness blue gossamer performance even better. Rolex ladies watch with 2236 movement, because a small movement, the less movement the more difficult to take accurate, so the new Syloxi silicon springs used in female form small size of the 2236 movement to enhance the female form anti-magnetic Rolex , shock performance and accuracy.

Including DD, including Rolex, Rolex male form, are used niobium blue gossamer.

Rolex male form, a large part of the professional table, sports watch, Daytona , Kelpie, probe to explore two, lightning needle, yacht her. Resistant sports watch is to make ah. In making this resistance, the Blue niobium alloy is gossamer gossamer, good maintenance of these tables with 3135/3235 series of movements, large-size movement, movement thick, have an advantage over female form small movement, the greater the precision of the movement easy high. So Rolex male form currently used are blue niobium gossamer.

Of course, the new Rolex Syloxi silicon springs used on a small scale first female form, but also a test of Syloxi silicon balance spring. Many people speculate that once the Rolex think Syloxi silicon springs through the test of time, after which it will be used on the male form.

Which Rolex watch, with a new Syloxi silicon springs?


Rolex 28 mm ladies log type, have been used Syloxi novel silicon springs (movement 2236).

Dear brothers Please note that not all female Rolex tables with the new Syloxi silicon springs (2236 movements). Rolex now with the new Syloxi silicon springs (movement 2236) There are two tables, a Rolex Datejust women, women note the log type 28mm; a 37 mm dinghy. No other tables, brothers, sister were children, please note that distinction.


Rolex yacht 37 mm, are also novel Syloxi using silicon springs (movement 2236).

2236 female table movement, using the log in the women’s 28 mm very reasonable. However, 37 mm yacht with a 2236 movement, I think this is very interesting. Under normal circumstances, the size of 37 mm is the male form, but with a yacht 37 2236 Rolex ladies watch movement was used, does this imply that the yacht Rolex 37 is defined as “female form”?