Fake Cartier Watches UK affective domain of aesthetics, the master process

Through master Fake Cartier Watches UK, Cartier makes color stationed aesthetic emotion fields. Watchmakers rich tonal gradations in bold exploration, to create a dynamic and deep subtle watch masterpieces. They are not only skilled and full of poetic temperament, with patience and meticulous work and very rare process to achieve a rich color matching, showing the full art. Their talent to make the fantasy animal shapes appear on top of the master Fake Cartier Watches UK, and it exudes such as the sun or moon-like light in specific lighting conditions.
Engravers, enamel division, fretwork setters, sculptors and other craftsmen will be a variety of unique perfect combination of materials and colors, clever use of mother of pearl glaze, golden straw color, transparent enamel and onyx light, to create a vivid three-dimensional effect, show the rich color contrast, depicts lifelike image.

Fake Cartier Watches UK affective domain of aesthetics, the master process
Fake Cartier Watches UK affective domain of aesthetics, the master process

This watch is the challenge to bring the viewer-clear blue waters of feeling, and Cartier successful use hollow iridescent enamel and translucent shades reminiscent of beautiful coral seabed. One, two, three …. five in the bottom surface of the deep blue hue of contests with gray and purple. Hollow enamel dial as stained-glass windows as vivid, magical. Translucent enamel suspended in as fine pencil lines as elegant slim metal wire, as if with light and shadow play. Cartier enamel division using extremely sophisticated technical superimposed rare colored mother of pearl, a clever little fish will greet the eye inexpensive, its rich orange and image of the design for the entire dial to create a fantastic feeling. While this round watch is like a porthole, if you can look through it straight to deep sea.

Cartier Santos aimed at carving through the enamel This oversized watch, keen to show the characteristics of predators with a fantastic atmosphere, and nuanced tonal gradations in dark gray and blue-black painted falcon body. Use real carver carved three-dimensional shape with empty wings, to show contrast feather and fluff. From the gently curved beaks to slightly raised orange enamel eyes, all the details have been carefully painted, clearly showing a black matte mineral background backdrop. Falcon pupil lifelike, alert and penetrating.

Cartier watches affective domain of aesthetics, the master process that makes Andalusian horse mane proud moon shining light, is Cartier This monochromatic micro-painted enamel watch the show miracle. Normal use of shadow and light enamel midnight blue evolved various gradients, horse supple and agile, as if it is nighttime ghost intoxicated. Micro-painted enamel color is an ancient enamel production process, because the use of black, white and gray tones and named, like fine paintings done by the engraver, but in this watch, a Cartier gray He turned to blue. As in painting, the navy blue background and white backdrop. Master craftsman layer of shiny blue enamel coating covering the dial, and placed in an oven roasting, and then use the white Limoges enamel (Limoges) step by step to draw a pattern, this step also takes six to eight different The roasting process. While this watch produced enamel painting takes nearly 40 hours. Enamel master also highlighted by white gradient shadows and contrast, interesting light changes, create three-dimensional pattern.

This works fine in straw inlaid watch, Cartier Arizona straw this special material to show heroic lion. Straw warm tones and silky luster mane lion exhibit subtle color gradients, make it shine. Superior gloss straw was a steadily split, then rolled out with a press roll, then fine wood carving sawing open, finally arranged side by side, a combination of designs. Natural Straw has from golden yellow to reddish-brown of six different colors, techniques and creative perspective through shearing, plotted dignified and noble lion pattern. Although it is rare material straw watchmaking industry, but because of their delicate texture and unique toughness in two years ago Cartier bold, to create a variety of watch masterpieces.

This blue gradient natural agate cameo watch, Cartier jade relief will be applied to this delicate art of watchmaking Fake Cartier Watches UK a bold attempt. The sparkling blue sea, spray blossoming, agate embossed crocodile surfaced therein. Cartier most representative of their predators in the animal kingdom – one crocodile was unique interpretation, create a vivid three-dimensional, and as the moon bursting out like a light. This special process to make master jade from blue-black to show different iridescent white subtle hues, while not damage the gem itself. The dreamy atmosphere of floating tourbillon watch is equipped with a complex function of movement, and engraved with the Geneva quality mark, a miracle of art and watchmaking.

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